55 Gallon – SantOtizer™ Fresh Scented

(28 customer reviews)

$990.00 $880.00

  • STRONG FORMULA: Powerful 80% ethyl alcohol formulation with concentrated bacteria-fighting agents that is stronger than the leading national brands
  • FAST-ACTING: Kills up to 99.9% of germs on contact, and dries quickly with no sticky residue
  • FOR HOME + OFFICE: Ideal for kitchen, bath, auto, employee desks, restrooms, reception areas, conference rooms, small businesses, retail shops + schools
  • Perfect for high traffic areas
  • SantOtizer™ Fresh Linen Scent Added
  • Made In The USA
  • FDA Registered, Cruelty Free
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80% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer With Fresh Scent

SantOtizer™ is manufactured in Spartanburg, SC using American labor and materials and with our Strong Formula it follows the World Health Organization’s standards for the ingredients used to produce hand sanitizer. It is also cleared by the FDA and sanctioned by the CDC. SantOtizer™ Fresh Scented includes a new and improved clean linen scent that gives a better experience when using hand sanitizer.

This hand sanitizer formulation being used in SantOtizer™ Fresh Scented includes:

  • Ethyl alcohol 80% +/- 5% (v/v) in an aqueous solution
  • Hydrogen peroxide 0.125% (v/v)
  • Glycerol 1.45% (v/v)
  • Boiled cold water
  • “Fresh Linen” fragrance

SantOtizer™ Fresh Safety Data Sheet

Additional information

Weight 380 lbs

55 Gallon Drum


28 reviews for 55 Gallon – SantOtizer™ Fresh Scented

  1. Chhaya

    I like it .

  2. Marcos

    Product works very well and service was excellent

  3. James Herther

    Great hand sanitizer. Works great. Love the bulk size to keep our work place stocked.

  4. Bob Blom

    Great product.
    Alcohol content is excellent and very good effectiveness in our business dispensers.
    Will continue to purchase

  5. Lina

    I loved the product
    Thank you for supplying us

  6. Roxanne

    I bought this for a dance studio and it has been great for the dancers to sanitize when entering and exiting the studio.

  7. Thornton Funeral Home

    I was very impressed with the customer service from the Sanitotizer team. At the beginning of the pandemic we ordered a 5 gallon container of the hand sanitizer and waited for delivery. After we did not receive it for a period of time I called and the gentleman I spoke to tracked the package while he was speaking with me, and found out that the package had been damaged by the shipper. He immediately sent another package and we received it in a timely fashion with no problems. I truly appreciated that he was concerned about us not receiving our package and that I did not have to answer a ton of questions before he tracked the package. Thank you so much for your wonderful customer service.

  8. Sean

    Clean feeling and no residual odor. High alcohol percentage means it will destroy viruses, there are many sanitizers out there that do not have the proper % to work or are only antibacterial. We use this to sanitize hands, tools, door handles…you name it!

  9. Bob Blom

    Excellent product for our church no touch dispensers.

  10. Clifford Bernard

    Arrived quickly, and has a pleasant smell. Easy to apply, and came with free funnel to fill smaller containers.

  11. Susan-MissionMicro

    We’re so extremely glad Santolubes is producing this hand sanitizer. We came across them when Covid hit and we were scrambling to find a source that would provide us with a large supply for our factory.
    Sanitizer was sold-out everywhere but Santolubes came through for us. We’ve been purchasing since April and will continue to do so. Good quality and extremely fast delivery.

  12. M Reaves

    I was glad to find a gallon-sized container of hand sanitizer at a decent price. I didn’t realize how watery 8t was until I received it but I have been using it in a spray bottle to disinfect surface areas as well as on my hands because I ran out of Lysol wipes. I would purchase this again.

  13. Randall Smith

    Ordered some of the hand sanitizer when all the COVID stated up and hand sanitizer could not be found on store shelves any where. Ordered from the Santolube website a gallon and received the gallon within one week. Great service and a very good product.

  14. Paul Robinson

    Good product works as expected reccomend

  15. Binoj Mathew

    Fantastic product … love it

  16. Binoj Mathew

    Fantastic product… Love it

  17. S. Prasad Vinjamury

    It is a great sanitizer, but the smell is really bad. Our patients complain. Please do something to make it more pleasant or odorless.

    Great Cost!

    Thank you!

  18. bruce s

    product came promptly- ordered a gallon at the height of the crisis in NY

    the solution was a high % alcohol. and that was just what i wanted.

    they came through ( at a time when everyone else was scalping)

  19. Lina

    Great product

  20. James Herther

    great sanitizer. Great bulk sizes.

  21. Dan

    I purchased this for wedding favors and for my house. I have gotten raving reviews of how the sanitizer flashes right off your hands and leaves no sticky residue like the gel based sanitizers. The 80% alcohol really made this the best choice! So happy I found this product. I will definitely buy again.

  22. Patrick M

    Found SantOtizer on a google ad, and was suspicious at first, but this will now be my second order and have been thrilled about this purchase. The ability to buy in bulk and purchase a sanitizer with a pleasant scent has become increasingly difficult, but this group makes it easy.

  23. Steven W

    Recently tried these hand sanitizers and they exceeded all expectations! The pump on the spray bottle works great and doesn’t stick at all, and regulates the amount that comes out at once so your hands aren’t a wet mess afterwards. The scent isn’t overpowering like most hand sanitizers we’ve tried during COVID.

  24. Kerry

    Good smelling and feels clean not slimy.

  25. MC

    Love that this is a liquid and I can refill personal spray bottles for hand use or for surfaces. This is more multi-purpose than a gel. The quantity you get is also a value for the price. Smell is as expected for a sanitizer and has a clean scent.

  26. Jen

    The best hand sanitizer! Doesn’t leave a sticky residue or have an over powering scent. Will buy again!

  27. David Cooper

    This is an excellent sanitizer. It doesn’t leave your hands all tacky like some of the other brands I’ve tried.

  28. Parth patel

    This was a very good product. It arrived very quickly. It works really well since we’ve had very few cases in our community. This sanitizer also doesn’t smell bad like some other ones.

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