Hand Sanitizer Support For Your Community With Low Vaccination Rates

You are fighting COVID-19 in your community, and we want to help. Because vaccination rates are low in your area, we’re offering an invitation-only special offer on pricing, delivery, and packaging of hand sanitizer. 

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How We Want To Help

You are facing down a challenge. Vaccination rates in your community are low, and your family, staff, and patients are at greater risk of COVID-19. It’s time for hand sanitizer suppliers like us to step up. 

What can we do to help? We want to assist in the best way we can by offering your special pricing, delivery, and packaging on hand sanitizer, so you can keep your community safe. 

Why SantOtizer™

Why SantOtizer™

SantOtizer™ is FDA approved and uses the World Health Organization’s formula to destroy the COVID-19 virus. It is formulated with 80% ethyl alcohol, which means only one application is needed to destroy the virus in seconds.

Watch our video below to learn how SantOtizer destroys the COVID-19 virus.

SantOtizer™ is manufactured by SantoLubes© Manufacturing LLC, using American labor and materials in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

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