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SantOtizer™ Is Even More Essential As We Begin To Open Up Our Social Circles

Everywhere conversations about COVID-19 are taking place, people are asking questions about the vaccine and when life will return to normal. We answer some of these questions below. According to Dr. Faucci, hand sanitizer is going to be a necessity into 2022, which means buying in bulk is the most cost-effective choice.

Where To Get A Vaccine

Many people are asking, “Where can I get the COVID-19 vaccine?” The vaccine is available to some people who are considered more at risk, but the execution of distributing it is not going well. The process of getting the vaccine, even for those to whom it’s available, can be a negative experience. People are scheduling appointments, arriving on time, and waiting the entire day. Sometimes, they’re even turned away.

When you consider that people who are eligible for the vaccine are more at risk for getting the virus, it’s disconcerting that they could be exposed to COVID-19 while waiting in line or touching surfaces that have not been sanitized.

That’s why people need to have a safe, effective hand sanitizer with them when they go to get the vaccine. Hand sanitizer with 80% ethyl alcohol kills COVID-19 germs in 15 seconds or less, minimizing the risk of exposure.

Time To Take Effect

One key question people have is, “How long does it take the vaccine to take effect?” When someone gets the vaccine, antibodies take a period of time to build up. According to the CDC, this could take as long as a few weeks. So, it’s possible a person could be infected with the virus that causes COVID-19 just before or just after vaccination and still get sick.

What’s more, once the vaccine does take effect, people can still spread COVID-19 to their friends, family members, or other people they come in contact with.

Even when someone has the vaccine, it is wise to have a reliable hand sanitizer to protect oneself and others. A hand sanitizer with 80% ethyl alcohol can effectively kill COVID germs that spread the virus.

How Long Vaccines Last

We hear the question a lot: “How long will the COVID-19 vaccine last?” Some people also want to know whether they should still get the vaccine if they have already had COVID, which experts say they should.

No one knows how long the vaccine will offer protection. We are also hearing about new variants of COVID-19 that could pose a problem. Some experts say the vaccine will still be partially effective against the new strain, but slightly less effective than it is against the first strain.

To be on the safe side, people should continue to practice expert-recommended hand hygiene by sanitizing their hands after touching surfaces in public. While the vaccine is available to some, it isn’t time to let our guard down. 


Because many people are craving a return to normalcy, the question, “How long will we have to a wear a mask?” comes up a lot. Many are returning to pre-pandemic activities where there are more than 10 people in a room or people are less than six feet away. For example, people want to see their friends or go to a restaurant, and kids are going back to school. Dr. Faucci says it’s possible we will be wearing masks through 2022.

We are coming back out after living in isolation. Which is exactly why hand sanitizer is even more necessary now. When more people were isolating, hand sanitizer shortages made the news. Now that more people are out in public, it is not the time to stop practicing safe hand hygiene.

We can’t rely on effective cleaning of public surfaces, such as those found on public transportation. A surface will only be free of germs for a certain amount of time until someone touches it again. Hand sanitizer is a necessity because the pandemic isn’t over, and we still need to slow the spread.

Why SantOtizer™

If you have read the other tabs on this page, you may now have a better understanding of why people are asking these questions about the COVID-19 vaccine. People are searching for answers to these questions on the Internet, and they are learning that they still need hand sanitizer.

Because people are concerned, this is a signal to stock up on hand sanitizer in bulk. The vaccine is not available to everyone. It protects against adverse effects of COVID-19, but it’s not immediate, and it doesn’t protect against spreading it to loved ones. Many people are tired of wearing masks, but hand sanitizer should still be imperative.

Leading brands of hand sanitizer were difficult to find at the beginning of the pandemic, but now they can be found everywhere. SantOtizer™ is more effective than these leading brands because it has 80% ethyl alcohol instead of 60%. Consumers think they are getting a good value for their money, but the hand sanitizer they’re buying is not as effective at killing COVID-19 germs.

Not only is SantOtizer™ safer and more effective than leading brands, but it’s also less expensive. For better protection at a better price, SantOtizer™ is the best choice, and the time is now to buy in bulk. Visit

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