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How To Prep For Cold And Flu Season

Cold and flu season is just around the corner. Are you prepared?

Officially, cold and flu season starts in fall and peaks throughout the winter, so the earlier you can get a handle on it, the better. Keep reading to learn the best cold and flu prevention methods!

Keep Your Hands Clean

Everything your hands touch can transfer germs and viruses to your body if you touch your nose or mouth before sanitizing. That’s why it is so important to keep your hands clean at all times, not just during cold and flu season.

If you’re unable to wash your hands with soap and water, an alcohol-based hand sanitizer is your best option. An effective hand sanitizer will kill the germs and bacteria living on your hands which will help to protect you from the cold and flu.

Take Your Vitamins

The next thing you can do this fall and winter for cold and flu prevention is to take your vitamins. Either through the meals you eat, or through additional supplements, vitamins keep your immune system strong and help you fight off the bacteria and viruses that cause colds and influenza. 

No Sharing

This should be a given, but during cold and flu season it is not ideal to share items that go near your nose or mouth with other people. This is primarily how germs are spread.

So, sharing a drink, meal, or even lip balm with a friend or family member is definitely a no-go for the flu season and maybe forego sharing like this altogether to decrease the chance of you and your loved ones getting sick year-round.

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