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Where To Place Hand Sanitizer This Halloween

Fall is in the air and with it brings holidays like Halloween. But, as we prepare for this season, we can’t forget to keep up with safety procedures. We might be on the path to returning to normal, but we still need to keep health and safety as our top priorities.

As children are trick-or-treating this season hand sanitizer will be a vital tool in keeping them safe. Keep reading to learn where you should be placing hand sanitizer for a fun and safe Halloween.

For Parents of Trick-or-Treaters:

A good habit for you to pick up this Halloween is to keep an effective hand sanitizer in your pocket. That way your children can sanitize their hands in-between each house to minimize the chance of picking up germs or viruses on the pre-wrapped candy.

Another helpful note is to potentially avoid hand-wrapped candy. While well-intentioned, hand-wrapped, or unwrapped candy has a greater potential of carrying germs and viruses and should be avoided this Halloween season.

For Neighbors Handing Out Candy:

Handing out candy to trick-or-treaters has become complicated due to COVID-19. You can simplify this by leaving a large container of hand sanitizer with a sprayer attachment outside your front door. This hand sanitizer placement is the most effective for Halloween because it gives the trick-or-treaters the chance to use hand sanitizer before and after picking up the pre-wrapped candy.

We also suggest either wearing a mask while handing out candy or leaving a bowl of candy out on your front porch next to your bottle of hand sanitizer to minimize contact and the spreading of germs and viruses.

For Businesses:

For businesses who either put out candy or are hot spots for the fall/Halloween season (apple orchards, haunted houses, etc.) some key locations for hand sanitizer placement include:

  • Exits and entrances
  • Near any food or beverages
  • Break rooms or staff lounges
  • Outside restrooms

Protect your neighbors and patrons this year from COVID-19 and other germs and viruses by using this hand sanitizer placement guide!

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