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Where You Should Bring Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer every day use

As the world continues to reopen on a greater scale, we still need to be diligent in our own personal safety and the safety of others. That’s why carrying an effective hand sanitizer around with you is always good practice.

You might be asking yourself, “Do I really need to take hand sanitizer everywhere I go?” and while some venues may have a sink to wash your hands, having hand sanitizer on your person is a great way to keep clean hands within your grasp.

Continue on to read our guide from our team at SantOtizer, a hand sanitizer manufacturer whose priority is always the health of you and your loved ones, on where you should bring hand sanitizer this fall and beyond!

Planes & other Public Transportation

When has public transportation ever been the cleanest option? Better your chances of preventing the spread of germs and viruses this fall by carrying around a portable hand sanitizer.

Also, our pocket sprayers are TSA-friendly, perfect for any carry-on!


While schools are trying their best to keep your children safe this semester, it is still good practice to send your children to school with a bottle of hand sanitizer in their backpack.

The Office

Back to working in-person? Keep your hands clean in the office by keeping a small bottle at your desk.

Do you run or manage an office space? Read this article about key locations for gallon-sized hand sanitizer in the workplace!


It can never hurt to clean your hands right before a meal. In fact, it’s safer for you and your servers that way.

Live/In-person Events

Any live event you go to this year – conferences, concerts, movie theaters, parties, etc., make sure you are cleaning your hands before you’re shaking any. Prevent the spread of germs and viruses by keeping a hand sanitizer in your purse, or SantOtizer’s hand sprayers even fit into your pocket!

Or, if you’re organizing an event of any size, look into our value sizing for a great deal on effective hand sanitizer.

Why should you listen to us? SantOtizer is a hand sanitizer manufacturer who produced quality hand sanitizer in accordance with the FDA, CDC, and World Health Organization standards for hand sanitizer at the height of the COVID-19 crisis. Our main goal is to keep people safe wherever they are and whatever they’re doing. To learn more about SantOtizer, visit

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