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Your #1 School Supply

Keep you kids and teachers safe with hand sanitizer

With many kids going back to in-person classes, there is now a greater risk of becoming sick. Not only with COVID-19, but with other more common germs and viruses that they have not been exposed to while quarantining the past year.

Prepare them for a safe school year with the most important school supply they can take with them this year! Keep your kids safe this back-to-school season by including a hand sanitizer in their school supplies.

So, why is hand sanitizer essential to your child’s back-to-school experience? An effective hand sanitizer will prevent the spread of germs and viruses like COVID-19. Make sure the hand sanitizer you give your child is formulated with at least 80% alcohol for peak effectiveness. Using anything less than 80% heightens the possibility of not killing all the germs on your child’s hands with the first application.

Using SantOtizer’s portable hand sprayers is the perfect way to provide your child with a hand sanitizer that is portable and effective. Our hand sprayers fit into any backpack, pocket, or lunchbox and our easy-to-use sprayers are perfect for children of all ages (with parental discretion).

As a hand sanitizer manufacturer, we know how important it is to keep our loved ones safe in all situations. That’s why SantOtizer is produced in accordance with the FDA, CDC, and World Health Organization standards for hand sanitizer that prevents the spread of germs and viruses. Not only do we make an effective hand sanitizer with 80% ethyl alcohol, but our hand sanitizer is safe enough to be used all day long without drying your child’s hands. Our fast-acting hand sanitizer spray also contains over 500 sprays – that’s 20x more uses than traditional gel hand sanitizers!

To learn more about how a hand sanitizer manufacturer like SantOtizer can keep your family safe, visit our website:

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