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What You Need To Know About The Delta Variant

Coronavirus (Covid-19) hand sanitizer

For a while, it seemed that with the vaccine being introduced to more and more groups, we could worry less about preventing the spread of germs and viruses, and the pandemic was finally coming to an end. Pull out your hand sanitizer, because now with a new strain of COVID-19 emerging that may not be the case.
Keep reading to learn everything that you need to know about the Delta variant.

What is it?

The most prevalent and widespread variant of COVID-19 is the Delta strain. This is a highly contagious mutation of the COVID-19 virus that was first identified in India in December of 2020 .
The symptoms of the Delta strain are identical to COVID-19, and the virus strain is spreading quickly. UC David Health stated that, “As of July 22, nearly 80% of UC Davis Health patients who tested positive for COVID-19 had the Delta variant.”

What does this mean for vaccinations?

With all that we know about the spread of the Delta variant, people are now wondering “what does this mean for vaccinations and vaccinated people?”
As far as we know, vaccinated people are mostly safe from the Delta variant, and the vaccines are effective at preventing cases. Although, there have been a rare couple of breakthrough cases with a vaccinated person contracting the Delta variant of COVID-192.

How to stay safe?

Now is the time to revise and remember our safety protocol from the beginning of the pandemic.
Continue to social distance, wear masks, and use hand sanitizer when you are not capable of washing your hands.
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