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Sanitize Smarter With SantOtizer

We have all tried our best to keep our selves and loved ones safe during this difficult time in our country, but who is to say we are all using the right supplies?

With the market currently being flooded with hundreds of new cleansing methods, how do we determine which is most effective?

Unable To Find Soap & Water

Washing your hands with soap and water is the most effective way to prevent the spread of germs, but is  not always easily accessible?

Throughout facilities such as schools, offices, restaurants, or groceries stores it is impractical and near impossible to conveniently wash your hands after each possible touchpoint. The more sustainable and CDC-recommended option for when you cannot wash your hands is hand sanitizer. [1]

Positioning one-gallon containers of 80% ethyl alcohol hand sanitizer with sprayer attachments around high-traffic touchpoints such as tables, classrooms, hallways, bathrooms, entrances, registers, and cafeterias allows everyone to easily access hand sanitizing materials. This way everyone has the opportunity to quickly prevent the spread of germs without hindering their routine.

The Age Old Question, Gel or Spray?

Now that we know that hand sanitizer is a viable option for when we cannot reach a sink, how do we tell which type of hand sanitizer is most effective? Gel or liquid? Or does it even matter?

From research there is an obvious first choice.

Liquid alcohol-based hand sanitizer is proven to be faster acting than gel. Liquid has a drying time of less than 15 seconds, whereas gel sanitizers require up to 30 seconds to eliminate viral or bacterial content. [2]

As the liquid solution dries quicker than gel, it has the potential to leave less residue on skin. Gels are more likely to have additives in them affecting the products’ texture and consistency, which can cause germs to stick to the hands and not be killed in just one application.

A Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer That Works For You

SantOtizer is a hand sanitizer manufacturer committed to keeping people safe. Formulated to WHO regulation with 80% ethyl alcohol, SantOtizer is a safe and effective liquid hand sanitizer that works quickly and efficiently to prevent the spread of germs. [3]

Next week, look out for part three of this blog series on how to choose a safe hand sanitizer manufacturer and to protect the people who rely on you. In the meantime, catch up on our previous blog on effective alcohol content in hand sanitizer, here. [Link to previous blog post:] To learn more about SantOtizer visit

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