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Americans Unable To Trust Just “Any” Hand Sanitizer. Why You Shouldn’t Either.

Is your hand sanitizer safe? Is it effective? Is it American-made?

While these may not be the first questions that come to mind when you’re looking to purchase a safe hand sanitizer, they are all certainly factors that could lead to life or death consequences. Keep reading to learn more.

Use Of Toxic Ingredients

Hand sanitizers not made in America have a greater risk of not following health guidelines and containing harmful substances, like methanol.  

Methanol (or methyl alcohol) should not be used as a hand sanitizer, hand rub, or surface cleaner to prevent the spread of germs or the virus that causes COVID-19. Methanol is toxic to the human body and can cause serious damage to organs in the body if a person swallows it, breathes it, or gets it on their skin. [1]

Recently, the FDA has sent out a number of warnings that certain companies have been labelling their hand sanitizers as containing ethanol but have tested positive for methanol contamination. [2]

Ineffective Formulations

Leading brands of hand sanitizer that use less than 80% alcohol, require two applications or more in order to stop the spread of COVID-19. This leads to an application process taking around 90 seconds, which is far longer than what the average person would like to spend rubbing in sanitizer.

However, hand sanitizers that contain 80% ethyl alcohol destroy COVID-19 within 15 seconds or less in a single application.

American-Made: Quality & Safe

The FDA has expanded its list of hand sanitizers the agency says consumers should avoid. The agency now lists at least 75 hand sanitizers it says are tainted with methanol. Some of the products have already been recalled. In late June, the agency issued a warning against purchasing and using nine hand sanitizer brands made in Mexico. [3]

With this data and from the guidance of the FDA, safe hand sanitizers are ones that are coming from within the US. American-made hand sanitizer manufacturers are producing the safest hand sanitizer for COVID-19 protection with quality ingredients and processes.

SantOtizer: A Hand Sanitizer You Can Trust

SantOtizer™ was among the first to respond in a time of crisis. When the health crisis and shortage of hand sanitizer shook the country, our manufacturer, SantoLubes© Manufacturing LLC (located in Spartanburg, South Carolina) pivoted its manufacturing capabilities from high-tech lubricants to SantOtizer™, an American-made 80% ethyl alcohol hand sanitizer, in order to serve our country. As one of the first to respond in this way, we supplied hospitals, police, EMTs and other first responders with a critical supply when they needed it most. Later, we also provided schools and businesses with effective hand sanitizer so they could reopen safely.

Take action and make your school district, food services facility, or business a safe place to visit. Act now to secure your supply of SantOtizer™ as flu season approaches and demand increases. SantOtizer™ is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Visit SantOtizer™ while supplies last.





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