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Now more than ever convenience is a priority when it comes to sanitizing your hands. SantOtizer’s hand sprayers kills Covid-19 viruses and germs in 15 seconds or less with a single application and are ready to go where you go. Now you can clean your hands effectively on the go with SantOtizer™!

Video: Learn How SantOtizer™ Kills Viruses

Watch Our Video To Learn How SantOtizer™ Kills Viruses

Sanitize On The Go


As we open up our social circles, you need a hand sanitizer that is effective, easy to use, and convenient. SantOtizer’s new hand sprayers are the perfect hand sanitizer to stick in your pocket for travel, sporting events, and all sorts of other activities. Wherever you’re going, SantOtizer™ can now come too!

Whether you’re packing for the plane or the playground, you need an effective hand sanitizer you can rely. Use a hand sanitizer that can go where you go to keep you and your loved ones clean and safe.

Sleek, easy to use, and lightly scented, SantOtizer™ is the most convenient option to protect your loved ones as you continue to expand your social circles. Our new 1.3oz, travel-friendly, SantOtizer™ hand sprayers fit in your pocket and is formulated to pack a punch! SantOtizer™ kills germs and viruses in a single application with our 80% alcohol Strong Formulation and dries fast, leaving your hands feeling clean and lightly moisturized.

SantOtizer Hand Sprayers are available in singles and three-packs and available in guaranteed supply at a guaranteed low cost!

Why SantOtizer ™


Based on our research, people are searching for answers on the Internet about whether the vaccine means it’s safe to return to life as normal before attending events, and they are learning that they still need hand sanitizer.

Because people are concerned, this is a signal to bring hand sanitizer to every event you plan on going to. Many people are tired of wearing masks, but hand sanitizer should still be imperative.

Leading brands of hand sanitizer were difficult to find at the beginning of the pandemic, but now they can be found everywhere. SantOtizer™ is more effective than these leading brands because it has 80% ethyl alcohol, which means you only need one application to kill viruses and germs. Watch our video above to learn how SantOtizer kills viruses.

When people purchase leading brands of hand sanitizer, they think they are getting a good value for their money, but the hand sanitizer they’re buying is not as effective at killing COVID-19 germs because it takes too long to apply properly and may require additional applications to be as effective.

Not only is SantOtizer™ safer and more effective than leading brands, but it also has a guaranteed supply at a guaranteed low cost. For better protection at a better price, SantOtizer™ is the best choice, and as you’re expanding your social circle now is the time to buy for you and your loved ones.

Our hand sanitizing product, SantOtizer™, is a safe, effective hand sanitizer produced in accordance with the World Health Organization’s formula specifications for hand sanitizer. SantOtizer™ is manufactured by SantoLubes© Manufacturing LLC, using American labor and materials in Spartanburg, South Carolina. SantOtizer is available to purchase to the right.