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Put On A Great Event With Hand Sanitizer Promotional Giveaways

Handing out a giveaway bag with masks and SantOtizer™ hand sanitizer spray bottles is one of the best ways to keep customers safe at your event. SantOtizer™ kills Covid-19 germs in 15 seconds or less with a single application. Best of all, you can brand the hand sanitizer bottles with your event, restaurant, or store name and logo, so customers can take it home and remember what a great time they had.

Video: Learn How SantOtizer™ Kills Viruses

Watch Our Video To Learn How SantOtizer™ Kills Viruses

Safety & Public Awareness

Safety & Public Awareness

People are starting to return to stadiums, venues, stores, and restaurants for sports games, concerts, sales, and happy hours. While the vaccine is now being distributed, it’s still important to practice extra precautions to keep attendees safe because the vaccine can prevent people from feeling the negative effects of Covid-19, but it can’t stop the virus from spreading.

SantOtizer™ kills Covid-19 germs in 15 seconds or less with a single application. People at your event will appreciate having hand sanitizer so they can avoid long lines at the bathroom for hand washing sinks.

Hand sanitizer is still a necessity because the pandemic isn’t over. People should use an 80% ethyl alcohol hand sanitizer after touching railings and doorways, paying for merchandise at a cash register, or before eating food.

Promotional giveaways can help increase public awareness about your event. Promotional products are a cost-effective and extremely useful marketing tool that allows your brand to leave a lasting impression on your customers. You may brand SantOtizer™ spray bottles with your name and logo, so attendees can take it home and remember what a great time they had.

People may put your branded hand sanitizer in their purse or clothing pockets when they get home after the event, and share it with family, friends, or colleagues. They may also mention where they got the bottle. So, more people will see your name and logo and be aware of it for the next time you have an event. This will also help to grow your relationships with customers, potentially furthering sales for your own products.

SantOtizer™ can help you put on a fantastic event this year during challenging times. Talk to us about how we can help you give away customized spray bottles branded with your name and logo.

Why SantOtizer™

Why SantOtizer™

Based on our research, people are searching for answers on the Internet about whether the vaccine means it’s safe to return to life as normal before attending events, and they are learning that they still need hand sanitizer.

Because people are concerned, this is a signal to give away hand sanitizer at your event. Many people are tired of wearing masks, but hand sanitizer should still be imperative.

Leading brands of hand sanitizer were difficult to find at the beginning of the pandemic, but now they can be found everywhere. SantOtizer™ is more effective than these leading brands because it has 80% ethyl alcohol, which means you only need one application to kill viruses and germs. Watch our video above to learn how SantOtizer kills viruses.

When people purchase leading brands of hand sanitizer, they think they are getting a good value for their money, but the hand sanitizer they’re buying is not as effective at killing COVID-19 germs because it takes too long to apply properly and may require additional applications to be as effective.

Not only is SantOtizer™ safer and more effective than leading brands, but it also has a guaranteed supply at a guaranteed low cost. For better protection at a better price, SantOtizer™ is the best choice, and now is the time to buy for your event.

Our hand sanitizing product, SantOtizer™, is a safe, effective hand sanitizer produced in accordance with the World Health Organization’s formula specifications for hand sanitizer. SantOtizer™ is manufactured by SantoLubes© Manufacturing LLC, using American labor and materials in Spartanburg, South Carolina. SantOtizer is available to purchase to the right.